Intimate Acuatico Beach Resort

Last December 2014 the schedule gods finally gave us the green light to spend vacation with one of our bestest couple friends Nina and Henry.  We left Pasig around 9AM and arrived at San Juan Batangas 3 hours later.  Star Toll has greatly improved.

Acuatico! Acuatico! Acuatico!  Peach Tutu has landed!Acuatico Pool

We shared a two bedroom room which is part of a villa with a second floor.  Our casita had a set outside good for four people to play mah jong (yun talga naisip).

Front Porch

There is a small common hallway, where we just parked our bags.  The room in the picture is the masters bedroom with the queen bed equipped with a LED TV complete with digital cable channels.

Common Hall

I wanted to pose a pic of our bed…but you might be disappointed.  The beds were amazingly good, but our mess is crazy.  I wasn’t able to get a clean shot before we dumped our items on it.  Just imagine two twin beds joined to form a bigger bed with white fluffy pillows and soft comforters.  So here’s the view of the tv panel instead. Naks sumi-CNN (feeling intelligence *jk*- LOL).

There really is nothing else to do but to relax.  Nina and I just took a seat, ordered coffee and enjoyed the view.  It was 1:30 PM and the boys decided to order beer and some munchies. Sabi ko kay Nina “I’m really so happy today” sabay hug sa kanya. Ang pogi ng mga boys!  We are missing you Rhett and Franz!!

Drinks and CoffeeYes, we swam too! Luis in his trunks with Ate Shumi and their gal pals.

IMG_2397Ate Shumi enjoying the pool.  She can swim, but a little bit arte.  She was able to brave the adult pool with us.

IMG_2394This is Acuatico at night, took this shot after dinner from the steps of the restaurant looking down at the pool area. That’s the pool bar in the center.  We had buffet dinner for Php600 i think.  The spread wasn’t expansive but the quality of food is good.


It was Monday the next day, I had an early team call.  This is my view at 6:30AM.  Right? Right?


This is my internet speed too.  Nicely done Acuatico! First time to work relaxing on a beach chair.


Henry was very convincing and invited OJ to try the jetski (ang wild ng buhok ni OJ).


During the ride. “Adventure time” daw sabi ni Shumi.


Syempre ako din pa ride.  Kung makahiyaw ako sa dagat wagas! First time!IMG_2436

It’s official…We have an Acuatico hangover. Kailan kaya uli?


Just in case you’re interested here are the rates:


I wasn’t able to take a picture, but they have an airconditioned play area for kids.  The complimentary uraro was also a hit.  What impressed me was the level of personal service the staff showed.  When Luis needed boxers and there wasn’t any in the resort shop that can fit him, they didn’t need to  ask, they just went out of their way to provide.  Staff were all smiles and always ready to serve.  Acautico is truly an experience to remember. I wish we can go back, ipon-ipon muna!

I love you Acuatico!

xoxo Faye —

For more info visit their website:

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