The Korea Visa application – Philippines

Just came back from our fun trip from the land of Kimchi!  I want to share with you how we were able to get our feet on Korean soil, I hope the following entries will help you plan your trip as fun as we had.

How did it all began? This is part one of my A Dream Come True: Korea series

it was June when I found out that the Cebu Pacific was giving big discounts on flights. Booked for 7 and marked my calendar! January it is!

You don’t need a visa to book a flight to Korea but you will need one to enter the country.  Since our trip is in January, we planned to apply for a Korean Visa in October.  It is amazing how lenient the visa application process is.  Just compile all the necessary documents, submit and wait for the release.  No need to set an appointment but you will need to line up early in the morning, how early? 7am-ish….

Basic Requirements you will be needing:

  1. Passport, not less than six months on the date of your trip.
  2. Employment certificates
  3. ITR
  4. Application form
  5. Bank information

Married Individuals and with Children:

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Birth Certificate


  1. School Residency Certificate – proof of enrollment.

Note that single-entry visa application is free-GRATIS.  Multiple entry visas aren’t. However, sometimes if you provide good standing documents the embassy has the right to award a multiple entry visa for free.

Make sure all your documents are complete before you submit.  They will check it before you reach the window.  If you decide to print the application document online, you have to print it in one page.  They have copies of the application form in the embassy and they accept hand written forms.

Once your visa application is accepted, your visa will be released in 3-5 working days.  You’re all set!  No need for all applicants to show up during the application process, just one person traveling with the group is fine.  For passport pick-up don’t forget to bring the passport coupon indicating the date and time of the release.

South Korea Embassy is located at McKinley Town Center, 122 Upper McKinley Road, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila, Philippines.  Best way to get there, take C-5 Southbound. Once you pass Market! Market! and Sm Aura, look to your right and you will see a gray colored compound with the Korean Flag.  Keep right and enter the service road. Parking is difficult so you would need to park at McKinley and walk your way back to C-5.

Check out their website for more info

Hope this helps!

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