Winter Adventure in Korea The Arrival

Our family planned this vacation as early as June 2014.  There was a seat sale by Citibank and who can resist going to Korea at 65% off.  In October, we applied for a Korean visa which was very easy to obtain.  I recently heard that the Korean embassy applied a stringent policy on visa applications starting this year.  People planning to go on vacation, plan smart.

Fast forward to our first ever Korean adventure, we were joined by my brother-in law’s family.  We were well ahead of our scheduled January flight which leaves at 3pm.  We wandered around and ate at Kenny Rogers.  The NAIA terminal 3 is a big improvement from the MIA which is undergoing massive renovation.  It still felt like a ghost town and pales in comparison to other international airports. The waiting area was pretty neat though!

Excited and casually waiting for our flight.

Our flight was delayed by 2 hours.  The airport in Manila has one runway….ONE, and due to air traffic, our 3pm flight was bumped to 5:30pm.  Instead of being pricks, we enjoyed ourselves by ordering airplane food and explaining to our kid how static electricity works.


I was hoping that we’ll be able to see land during day time, instead we were greeted by the beautiful lights of Korea.  IMG_3073We arrived at Incheon very late, the airport was huge and this is what greeted us upon emerging from the tube.


Amazing airport at 1 degree Celsius!  The airport is big and uses trains to transfer passengers to other terminals, this was new to us, when in doubt just follow the crowd.

OMGeee!!! May sumundo sa akin sa airport… Dominjo-shi!!!! Dala ko daw ba ang kaperahan para gastusin sa Korea! Yes sir! hahaha! Ang eye bags wagas!


Time for my research skills to kick in.  First off, find our way to Myeong-dong! We booked our stay at Namsan Guest House and opted to take the bus rather than the train.  If you get lucky and your flight is not delayed, you can buy your bus tickets at the counter and take the 6015 outside of the terminal door 5. You won’t miss it. I’m telling you Myeong-dong is the place to be.


The ride cost us 10,000 KRW (402 PHP) one way.  It was spacious, clean and comfortable.


We arrived at Namsan Guesthouse at almost 12 midnight Korea time.  We were so hungry and found the place filled with traditional Korean barbecue houses.  Our eyes and brains could not really put food + price together and decided to eat at TwoTwo Chicken across Pacific Hotel.

IMG_3085For starters we ordered BEER…and was given the radish appetizer. Akala namin singkamas, ang asim!

IMG_3086We couldn’t decide what to order, and asked for the resto’s recommendation.  We had the original Two two fried, garlic and their popular spicy chicken dishes.  Kids loved the original fried chicken but I prefer the spicy one.  It is totally different from what we have in the Philippines (Bonchon, Kyochon , etc).  The flavors were very unique and addicting. Swak sa beer on a cold January night.

IMG_3089 IMG_3088 IMG_3087 Maybe it was the time but they had no rice when we visited, instead we ordered a plate of fries. Perfectly crisp, and salted nicely.


They are open late and the place was full of young people, gimik place or after gimik hang-out?IMG_3093I love TwoTwo Chicken, a must try in Korea.  Chicken and beer anyone? What a way to cap the night!

Visit them at:

6-4 Namsandong 2(i)-ga
Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
p: +82-2-2275-2297

to be continued…..

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