Shin Splint Ouch!

I haven’t been running the past few months as much as I want to.  Early this year I started serious run training with Coach Titus every MWF at Ultra.  My goal this year is to conquer my first marathon.  I want to be a legit runner, but like many goals it comes with challenges. I ran  two 21k back to back in February and it aggravated an injury…the horrible shin splint.  So what’s it all about?

image c/o
image c/o

By definition from medical definitions : Shin splints, are medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), refers to pain in the shins – the front lower legs. It is an inflammatory condition of the front part of the tibia. The pain is brought on by strenuous activity.

In short ang sakit ng legs ko, I can’t run.  Naka ilang hilot na si coach, wala parin. But even with this injury I still train, with a decreased load.  Therapy has no effect, I’m taking cataflam 140mg every time I run, but it’s still there.  Sigh….

Hard headed as I am, I love running and this injury doesn’t keep me away from making PRs  in the past three 21k runs.  My best time so far 2 hr 43 min! yeah!!! Whadda improvement!

There’s only this… I gotta ice-ice baby before I return to intensive training for the RU2 – for my first evaar 32k! Wagi!!!

IMG_3848Ciao!! xoxo Peachtutu!


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