The Korean Adventure Day 2: Insa-dong, N Seoul Tower & Dongdaemon

Our tour ended at Insa-dong the popular haven of fashion, tea and antique shops in Korea.  This is the entrance arc to the fashion street.


We didn’t sign up for the lunch tour and was very hungry.  I wanted to eat somewhere authentic, like a pancake or bibimbap place, but low and behold we ended up at KFC.  Kuya Oscar order rice but there wasn’t any in KFC Korea only biscuits. Carbo diet ba to!? I ordered the zinger burger and was kinda disappointed. It lacked the crunch and the spice that I was used to in KFC Philippines.


There were lots of people in the streets, checking out bargain and cosmetic shops.  Insa-dong has multiple alleyways that leads to back streets filled with hole in the wall restaurants.  Too bad we found this after we ate at KFC. Lupit ni Ate sa background naka mini skirt.


Shumi loving the street run. Feeling mowdel!


There wasn’t really much to do, we’re not heavy shoppers, I mean I’m from Manila, I know a bargain when I see one. Not ready to spend cash on the first day…. (but on the first night…maybe! make-up!).  It was already 4pm and we wanted to catch the sunset at Namsan Tower. We wanted to take the train, but realize its better to take the cab, we might get lost.

Shumi enjoying her first cab ride in Korea. pouty pouty!


We arrived! Namsan Tower/ N Seoul Tower! You have to ride a cable car to get to the top.  The cable car is on the third floor of the complex and the line was long extending to the stairs of the second floor. For a round trip it will cost you 6,000 won (250 php) for adults and 5,000 won (205 php) won for kids. IMG_3159You can opt to hike up the hill, but …. are you really sure?

N Seoul Tower is a hot tourist spot in Korea. Like the different sky towers, they have a revolving observatory and restaurant at the top.  We didn’t go up anymore, it will cost you an additional 9,000 won (370 php) per person just to view and separate fees for the restaurant and museum.  The view is already spectacular from the base.


Seoul…oh Seoul…


Locks of love!


The steps where they shot episodes of Running Man!!! Breds baby!


I sat down in the gazebo pictured above and took in the day and enjoyed the sunset. IMG_3188

N Seoul tower at night, me and Kuya Oscar, hong lamig na!!!


What’s so funny was we had no idea it was a walk from our guest house.  Duh Namsan Guest house nga! We saved on cab/train fare and bought dinner at the convenience shop. Tipid mode talga kami!

The adults went out to explore the city at night.  We left the kids watching movies in their room and headed off to Dongdaemon Shopping complex…ito na!

We took the train from Myeong-dong station to Dongdaemon. It was close, about 3 or 4 stations away.  You wont miss it.  It would have been awesome to visit this place during day time.


Train station entranceIMG_3195

The popular creek that I often see on Dramas. Left and right buildings are all shopping malls.


The MLFAS Exhibition/ spaceship like museum served as the set of the popular My Love from Another Star Drama. I wanted to go in but it was already closed.

IMG_3198Spent 4 hours in this district combing the streets for good finds, but ending in a shopping mall hoarding make-up.  Wasn’t able to take pictures, it was extremely cold and both hands were occupied. Ganun ako ka busy mamili. Swipe lang ng swipe!

Note: It is cheaper to buy in the malls than the streets.  If you would like to buy affordable  souvenirs go to Arirang Shop at Doota Mall, Dongdaemon.  I bought my make-up loot at Lotte Fitin, they have a whole floor of make-up shops.  It wasn’t as crowded as the ones in Myeong-dong and I guess that’s the reason why I got a lot of freebies! Yey!

Up next… Day 3 at  Nami Island and Petit France.

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