2015 Peachtutu Recap!

Yes… after a long break from blogging, I am back! Woohoo! How is everyone? So many things have changed in the past 9-10 months of absence.  Where to start?

Work. I have moved on from my previous work as a home based sustainable investment back-end support manager to a very hectic but exciting front line expansion kickstarter. Sound savvy huh? I kinda like putting big words in my sentences, at least to me I sound cool (pagbigyan). It is true with everything that when you pray you have to be very specific.  I mean, downright specific to the detail of what you want. Like praying for that perfect steak (oh another topic!), medium rare, juicy but brown with a buttery flavor and a hint of garlic.  Back in May of 2015, I prayed to God, sabi ko “Lord, hanggang dito nalang ba ako?  I love working for my boss and our exceptionally amazing team. Pero, hindi ito ang gusto ng puso ko.Pwede po ba na bigyan nyo akong ng trabaho na science related, na hindi ko matatanggihan?” (ayaw ko na i-english kasi baka ma nosebleed ako). I was 34 then and I knew that my value as a potential new hire for a different company, more so a tech company will be close to zero. I still prayed and one day in June I received an fb message from a former boss. It really happened. That’s history. This new move has opened me to new challenges, extreme ones, torturous if I may add, but it also gives me a senses of satisfaction. When your initiatives start to work. When sales starts to pour in. When you get calls and you suddenly become a person who can help those who are in need. Hopefully whatever I am doing is going to result into something. So where did I move to? A genetics company! Yeah!

gen cartoon fun

Travel. So lucky to make Singapore my Quiapo from last year. I made tons of wonderful experience with old and new friends. Was it for work or vacay? Mostly work, but it was absolutely a fun experience.  I would not have imagined to feel familiar  in a different country. I loved the trains system, the clean roads, the safe environment and THE FOOD. It is an amazing place to live in.  I just wish it wasn’t that expensive.  Our go-to place was Baguio.  We just had to run away from the capital’s harsh pollution and intense heat in exchange for a couple of days of pine fresh air. My family won’t really mind if we just kept going back to the places we always visit, it is our second home. It is also a milestone that we were able to go on a roadtrip to Ilocos. Man the drive was crazy..I mean the drivers were crazy! It was a long land trip but the view from hopping to different towns are forever etched in my mind. From Laoag – Paoay – Pagudpud – Vigan, it was a memory to remember. Note: when in Vigan, its ok to pay a little extra for a nice room, we stayed in a hotel that was creepy..like old Spanish creepy with big cockroaches. What topped my must do list was when we headed to Cebu with my Aunt. It was an impromptu trip. Aside from the lechon, we traversed the southern part of Cebu which is Oslob. I know I will get hate from being part of the whale tourism in the area, but it was my first time to swim that deep … in open waters with gentle giants. I will post separate blogs on our travels. Don’t touch the whales, don’t wear sunscreen.

Feeling Sereynaaaa!

Family. It is sad to say that we lost our Dad last year on Feb 3rd. It is also the reason why I withdrew from blogging. I kind of fell a part and was in denial of what had happened. My Dad was a diabetic who suffered due to complications from living an unchecked lifestyle. It is true, your body will be defined by how you live life and it was a lifestyle disease that got him.  My Dad was 78 when he passed and when you love someone dearly and you lost them, there will forever be a void in your heart. It doesn’t get fixed, its just a vacuum of sadness tucked somewhere in the chambers. I am not exaggerating this, it is the only way I can describe what I feel after loosing him. I miss him…

my dad

Health. I am happy to report that my scans are all clear! I am going in my 3rd year in remission! But the flu got the best of me and bogged me down for 3 days… These super bugs are really nasty! Drink up on your vitamins! Yes, the peachtutu still runs!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.02.43 AMAs I celebrate my additional year in life, I have come up with a dream board which was an exercise to realize what you want your life to be. I only want one simple thing…a worry free no thinking of what else kind of happiness. This journey I devout myself to take as many loved ones as I can. I want to live and inspire people that no matter who they are or what they do your limitations are only as real as how you believe them to be. Trust in God, trust in yourself, work hard and no regrets.  Take it from me, a person who was once threatened of life. Let’s make our lives richer with love each day.

Cheers everyone! that’s my 2015 in recap. Let’s get it on Fire Monkey! I love you Mom!

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