The Cebu Pacific – Metrobank Experience

I don’t really know what to do with this company. I tried to be reasonable, called them numerous times and still no resolution.

It started back in October 2015, I was paying for my grocery and a lady approached me asking me if I wanted to apply for a credit card.  Usually I would say no, I already have 2 active cards and I don’t need a third one.  This time however, it was a new card tie up with Cebu Pacific.  Since we travel with that airline sabi ko sayang naman ang points.  I can use that for work related expense.  She gave me a bag after my application and the transaction was done.

I waited for the card to be delivered. I thought I wasn’t approved, then I received a letter from the credit card company in December 2015 “Congratulations on your new credit card!”  I called the hotline and they told me, “Oh, your card is with us, we couldn’t deliver kasi wala kayo sa bahay”. I said that’s impossible my Mom is always at home. They scheduled another delivery in January.

I received this text at 6:40am


To cut the long story short, the card was never delivered to our address. The card was finally delivered Feb 26th and I got a call that day that it was received.  I did get a separate call the next day Saturday while driving.  She said she was from Metrobank and I told her “please call me when I’m not driving, I received the card”. After that I never received a call from Metrobank.

Around March 4, I was at St. Luke’s Global, I decided to use the new credit card for an ensaymada purchase.  Low and behold the card wouldn’t go through. The next couple of minutes was pure horror. I called the credit card company and I was thrown around 3x to different people who wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with my card, all they could say was “Ma’am naka block”. Ha? bakit na-block? I got through one department called “concerned department” – kasi yan ang tawag nung 3 nakausap ko. So I found out the “concerned department” was the fraud department. Apparently last Feb 24 or Feb 25, there were multiple transactions made by the card via online purchases from android apps. The amount was Php 37,000 ($800). Take note, the card was received Feb 26th.  I asked them what to do and the answer was, “wait for the statement then file for dispute”.  I asked them to block the card permanently as my security is compromised.

I waited, no statement arrived. Called again Monday March 20, apparently they sent me a replacement card even if I asked to cancel the card permanently. I asked nicely, was there a misunderstanding with my request? This was the girl’s response:

“Ma’am, hindi pa po kasi naka-cancel ang card nyo kasi wala po kaming na rereceive na formal letter of dispute, kaya po kami nag padala ng replacement card kasi po automatic po yun sa mga accounts na hindi naman po permanently deactivated”


  1. Hindi deactivated
  2. Hindi pa nagsimula ang invetigation process
  3. Hindi nila na solve ang problem ko

I gave her my thoughts..yes in Anger style and told them, I am convinced that the company has handled my issue poorly. Sagot sa akin:

“You don’t have to pay the expenses in the card, ma’am”. Hindi yun ang point ko.

Requested to expedite the statement of account which was promised to be sent out latest today. Nothing  parin. So ito nalang ako….


Isipin nyo nalang my experience is not unique. Imagine how much theft the credit card company experience everyday. I actually feel bad for them, but the process isn’t robust.

Ending..waiting game nalang ba Metrobank?

Images: Inside Out licensed to Disney


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