Happy Life Project Day 15 – Run Your Story – SMDC Run Leg 2 Teaser

This happened on Day 15.


Me to myself a year ago.

Dear Faye of 2015,

Remember the days where you can’t even get yourself out of bed?

Remember the days where you eat where you sleep and where you work?

Remember the days where you cried because you feel so small in the world and no one seems to understand you?

Remember the days where the only people you get to talk to outside your home was through an online messenger?

Remember the struggle that at 34 years old, you felt that your life was not going anywhere? Yes, you had big dreams to be a doctor, a research fellow or a big shot woman on fire in the corporate world. But it wasn’t. You were home, talking to computers, making other life schedules.

It wasn’t so bad, who you are today is because you fought through each and every challenge in life. Yes, you had cancer, yes you had bouts of sadness, yes you felt unpretty.

Guess what?  Don’t be too sad, you are a fighter. You said enough and meant it. You shared your life and that life now has meaning. You are working in the field that you love and sharing happiness with the people you care about. Just continue not to loose hope. The best is yet to come!

Love, Faye of 2016 — hopeful, happy and living life as it should be!

Thank you SMDC for taking interest in my story. I am not unique and I speak for the countless of individuals who said, NO I AM NOT GONNA QUIT!

Let us all celebrate life, to be healthy, happy and in love!

See you there on Sept 25th!





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