Day 19 – Tribute to Long Hair

I am fixated with long hair. My long hair evolution started way way waaay before most of my friends now remember me. I only cut my hair once a year… for trims because I felt it was me! Imagine I can do so much style with long hair!

From fine braids,


To chunky braids,

big braids

To feeling model, with matching hangin (wind)…

mowdel hair

To wedding ready bun,

pull up

To memories of long beautiful pregnancy locks (thick, really thick crown of glory),


To the levitating sporty flyfie,

peach run.jpg

Or a Roaring Past life kinda curl,


To Donya curls! Oohlala!


But this year #changeIsComing.

I decided to cut my hair for a good cause. I am donating my hair to cancer patients. Guess what… my hair was that long! Ermitanyo level!


Oh my gulay! Ahas ba ito or buhok? Need 8 inches kasi!

IMG_2584 (1).jpg

This was my peg, well peg namin ni Twinnie (Shumi)


Ito na kami ngayon… JanJaaaan!!!

IMG_2589 (1).jpg

Selfie pa! Sige! Sabi ni Ate Anna, I look like my Mom circa 70’s, yes gold shimmer sa tanghali!

IMG_2595 (1).jpg

I guess chopping off years of hair allowed me to release some past feelings. Accepting that change is good and that it really is up to me to see things. I was too afraid to let it go, knowing that having long locks made me feel confident, it was a comfort zone.

My new do  made me feel light, young (or feeling ko lang talga na nakakabata ang short hair) and now im tipid sa shampoo. 😛 Still need to get used to it.

In the end…

Hair will grow again and the hair that was shed will now have a purpose. Pay it forward.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” — Francis of Assisi

Happy Life Project continues…




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