Passion to Create Awareness

I’ve always felt that I am truly happy when I get to help people.  I’ve felt that help was returned when I needed it the most back in 2013 with my battle with cancer.  Paying it forward, a short click to the following links will help raise awareness to their groups.

The Carewell Community, a cancer community group that helps people and families  living with the illness. The Group’s aim is to provide the much needed psycho-social support that is not routinely translated in the hospital set-up.  They offer counselling and other alternative activities to cope and move on from the disease.

Tropical Disease Foundation Inc, is a non-profit group that provides medical and social assistance to Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis patients.  I worked with TDF from 2005 until 2011 and it has been the most rewarding work experience I ever had.  I was blessed to have worked with Dr. Thelma Tupasi and Dr. Roberta Tax both pillars in the league of infectious disease and dermatology.





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